Massage and get all day’s blood. He’s recovered!
Ah! I was supposed to be...Use my babies' lotion.I got a massage.​I don't know if it's for babies.They're nice, they sell in bulk.I used to use it.Maybe it's because it's lotion.It wasn't a massage.​And the lotion keeps rubbing.The temperature of the hand makes it even more stuffy.It's getting sticky.​Of course it's sticky.It dries up very […]

Ah! I was supposed to be...

Use my babies' lotion.

I got a massage.

I don't know if it's for babies.

They're nice, they sell in bulk.

I used to use it.

Maybe it's because it's lotion.

It wasn't a massage.

And the lotion keeps rubbing.

The temperature of the hand makes it even more stuffy.

It's getting sticky.

Of course it's sticky.

It dries up very quickly.

Looking at the chapped skin,

I was so sorry for myself.

I used gel to massage her.

A whole new world!

What I've felt about Orgel,

The criteria for purchasing massage gel,

And how to apply it.

I'll let you know.

so much

Different kinds of massage gel

There were a lot of them.

After reading the review,

Orgel is water-soluble gel.

It's not sticky at all.

It's light, so fresh.

in good absorption

They say it's good.

It's heavy and stuffy.

I don't like it.

immediate selection

I had no choice but to...Haha

buying Orgel

It's a crucial reason.

Improving fatigue, moisturizing skin

Orzel is

Pure, Lavender

There are two types.

according to each 건마 type

You can feel different.

You can choose whatever you want.

I thought it was better.

Personally, I'd like to talk to you know,

For other cosmetics,

I prefer lavender scents.

I like the feeling of being comfortable.

I bought it in lavender type.

by the smell of incense

It's not a cheap flavoring.

It's really soft.

It smelled luxurious.

neither likes nor disliked

Luxurious and subtle scents.

according to its composition

with high-quality ingredients

low in flavoring

not a flavor enhancer

There was natural aroma oil in it!


delicate and luxurious

Long lasting incense.

Criteria for purchasing massage gel

When I bought gel this time,

I have my own standards.

1. Is this gel not hard to apply? (touch)

2. Does it cause trouble? (component)

3. Can you recommend it to an acquaintance?

directly to the skin

for the sake of

I got to examine it more carefully.

1. Is this gel not hard to apply? (touch)

YES. Orgel's a real.

It's soft, so it applies well.

And natural ingredients.

safe and sound

I don't have glycerin.

Glycerin is a must-have ingredient for cosmetics.

But there are alternatives.

Did he say that's what he said.

It's not enough to cover the entire body.

The pressure is that glycerin is...

It's pulling power, so it's resilient.

It's too much of a catch.

If you use it, it's rather dry.

The fact that it can be doubled.

When you massage yourself, you use your hands.

The more you use it, the more you keep rubbing it.

can become dry I heard so.

But Orgel has a snail's mucus filtration

It's a water-soluble gel.

It's not that dry.

It's more effective for moisturizing.

It applies very well.

Of course it applies well.

It's a watery jelly. It's absorbent.

It's moist and seeping into the skin.

It's more moisturizing and good.

The oil in the skin adds moisture.

Moisture doubles.

To massage.

It was so comfortable.

2. Causing trouble (component)

No. I don't have any trouble.

I have very sensitive skin.

Some people were fine.a marine chart

I always have troubled skin.

Orgel didn't.

Composed of natural ingredients

Of course, it's a high-quality ingredient, snail mucus.

It's got a bottle extract.

Moisturizing and soothing.

I never had trouble.

It's made of only safe ingredients.

Our baby Kikragu Massage

You're using it comfortably when you do it.

3. Can you recommend it to an acquaintance?

Yes, I totally recommend it's highly recommended.

Orgel is a natural ingredient.

It's not only safe, it's water-soluble gel.

applicability absorbency

It's an excellent product.

You don't have to tell me, do you?

common cosmetics

low-cost raw glycerine

No~ Snail mucus filtrate!

Chemical compounds such as glycerin

It's dangerous to the skin.

It can cause toxicity.

They say it's not very good.

So personally, I'd like to...

natural cosmetics

I try to use it.

Thanks to the extract of the bottle

It's not irritating at all.

with a really light feeling

Because it's massaged.

I can't help but recommend it.
One more here!

Orgel is moist and water-soluble.

It's not just water that cleans your face lightly.

Of course~

It's a 250ml capacity.

Even if you do all the body massages,

There's plenty left!

You can use it many times.

It can be used for many purposes.

It's so, I love it.

You're having a two-plus-one event.

I got another original.

I gave it to my next-door sister.

How to Use Massage Gel

When I opened the lid,

It's a small hole, so you control it.

Can't flow as much as you want

There was.

Water type.

I was worried about dripping.

I don't know if it's because of the snail mucus.

moderately cohesive

Just a drop or two without spilling out.

It came out!


It's very easy to control the amount.

When massaging, control the amount.

I think it's important.

Just as much as you want.

It's even better because you can control it.

after use

You don't have to clean the bottle.

I can take good care of it!

It's water-soluble. If you press the container,


Flowing down and naturally

the permeability of the skin

I like it very much.

And the reason I chose Orzel is because...

It's not sticky. It's light.

It's fresh. It's good for absorption.

That's true of the texture.

The colors are very transparent.

It's absorbed by the skin.

Even if you don't wash it after use.

To bury in bedding or furniture

I'm not worried at all.

Low-cost products,

The products that contain the chemical ingredients

When used as an artificial flavoring agent,

I have a headache.

Orgel's case.

with natural aroma oil

Thanks to the subtle, enduring scent,

I'm not having a headache.

Rather, it's about comfort and comfort.

I felt like I was giving it away.

Massage and get all day's blood.

He's recovered!

because of the milder scent

When you massage,

a slumber-in-law

It's a great product for healing.

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