The massage shop has a bathroom inside, so it’s easy to use.
I want to look young, young and old.I think we're on the same wavelength.Actually, it's the end of the year, so there's less than a month left.At the moment you're one year older,I want to keep my age a secret somewhere now.​I don't know if you don't tell me your age.Your face is as visible […]

I want to look young, young and old.

I think we're on the same wavelength.

Actually, it's the end of the year, so there's less than a month left.

At the moment you're one year older,

I want to keep my age a secret somewhere now.

I don't know if you don't tell me your age.

Your face is as visible as you take care of it!

How well you take care of it every day.

I'm going to build myself up one by one.

The most important point of young skin is

It's the wrinkles around my eyes.@

I tend to take good care of myself.

I don't have many wrinkles around my eyes when I smile.

These days, I've been... I was worried about the skin under my eyes.

I was shown to my room to change my clothes. This is the room where I got a massage. The single room was larger than other shops. There were a lot of times when the room was stretched out too much, but the 홈타이 Asan shop was quite large, so the rooms were also spacious, so it was good to not have to be taken care of in a little bit.

How to get rid of wrinkles under your eyes This is a good anti-linkle eye cream

I met Troy Arke.

Esthetic number one! Cosmetics.

Those of you who've used good ones, those of you who might know,

It's an esthetic cosmetic that I've heard about once.

It's said to focus on three things!

There was a separate smoking room in the shop, but I didn't know there was a smoking room when I entered the shop because of the good ventilation system. If you go to a shop that doesn't have a smoking area, you have to go to the bottom of the building to make it uncomfortable, but Asan 24 o'clock massage shop doesn't have that inconvenience, so it's a shop for smokers to be satisfied.

Stability of ingredients! Seller's morality! Customer satisfaction!

If we get these three things, you'll be able to get them.

I just need to put it on without worrying.

It's a popular brand not only in Korea but also around the world.

Women have thinner skin than men,

The lightest part of that thin skin

It's right by the eye.*

There's a lot of facial expressions on the face.

It's easy to wrinkle, especially if your eyes don't have a facial expression.

Every time I blink, it moves.

We need special moisturizing and nourishing for our delicate eyes.

I stopped by the bathroom and the bathroom is very colorful like candy color. It was clean and didn't smell unpleasant. Also, the 24 o'clock massage shop has a bathroom inside, so it's easy to use.

I've tried a lot of eye creams,

First of all, it needs to be applied well.

It's called high-nutritive cream, so it's a thick application.

Because it's hard to apply.

nourishing the soft, weak skin around the eyes.

It can be a big stimulus at the same time.

When it doesn't apply heavy, and when it's applied,

a formulation that melts at once

It's right here. Light and after you apply it,

Heavy nutrition!

Eye cream is a little oily.

I prefer it, but it's got a good amount of moisture,

A balance of just enough oil to glow with moisture.

It's an eye cream that fits well.

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