I called Jeongja-dong massage and reserved a couple room.
I've been feeling stiff lately, so I got a Thai massage with my mom! I went to a place near my house, and he gave me a cool muscle pain.~ It's a good place, so I'm going to tell you guys.​I called Jeongja-dong Massage in advance and reserved a couple room for the two of […]

I've been feeling stiff lately, so I got a Thai massage with my mom! I went to a place near my house, and he gave me a cool muscle pain.~ It's a good place, so I'm going to tell you guys.

I called Jeongja-dong Massage in advance and reserved a couple room for the two of us. It's about 10 minutes' walk from my house, so I went there comfortably. It's close, so I thought I'd go there with my mom regularly if it's okay with me. Me too, but I think it must have been the hardest for a mother to do housework even after raising her children. So I took this opportunity to get it together.

I didn't know it before, but as I got older, I 스웨디시 felt like my muscles were more tight and my shoulders were stiff and I wanted to get massages regularly. Especially when I work and work until I get off work, it's easy to get out of shape. My back and shoulders and neck hurt. If you don't loosen the muscles in time, it can lead to severe muscle pain. That's why it's better to untie it as soon as it gets together.

When I visited with my mom, I made a reservation in advance, so I just told her my name and was immediately informed. There are two types of thumb massage shop, Thai and Aroma, so you can choose one. I chose a Thai massage to feel the Thai feeling I had last year. My mom did the same thing as me, but I thought it would be perfect for us who are tired. I wanted to untie the coolness of the clump. So we decided to do the course for 120 minutes.

The 120 minute Thai massage course I received is a VIP course and you can get it at a low price of 65,000 won. It's a product that includes foot bath, so when you go in, they change your clothes and proceed with foot bath first. I really like dipping my feet in warm water. When traveling, especially because I walk all day long, my feet are swollen and I feel pain. A foot bath is like a gift to a foot who's been working so hard all day long. Although I'm not traveling today and I'm just around the corner from home, foot bathing always relaxes people and makes them feel tired.

These days, I take a foot bath in this weather, so I feel like I'm warming up my whole body and I feel relaxed enough to take a nap. After getting ready to relieve the fatigue from work for a week by foot bath, I'm ready to go get a massage in earnest. They prepare tea and bring it to me while I'm in a foot bath, and it tastes really good. It was cold, but drinking this warm tea made the atmosphere more lively and nice. The teacups were so pretty, but I liked the delicate service that gave me a Thai feel like a pretty cup and a pedestal.

I used to like traveling, so I often went to Thailand, but since I haven't been there since last year, I miss it as if I couldn't go to my hometown. Especially, I can't forget the massage I received in Thailand. But I felt like the atmosphere and the atmosphere were coming alive. I felt like I was in the right place.

And there's a room with a bed and a room where you can get a massage on the floor. There are various types of rooms that don't matter if you visit alone or if several people visit, so you can choose a room according to the situation. My mom and I also prefer to lie on the floor, so I reserved a double room without a bed. If you're comfortable with a bed, you can choose it according to your preference! I think it's better to get a massage lying down on the floor, so my mom and I chose the room that we received on the floor and started receiving it in earnest.

Usually, blankets and beds are used by many people, so it can be uncomfortable. And the pillow touches the skin directly, so if you're sensitive, you might get skin trouble when you get it in a place where it's not well maintained. I'm sensitive to these kinds of hygiene, and I tend to pay attention to smells and scents. I think I might have felt bad if I didn't have a good scent when I lied down, but I'm taking care of it cleanliness.

Before I get a Thai massage, I usually change my clothes and start getting a massage. When I entered the changing room and changed into comfortable clothes, I felt good from the beginning because my clothes smelled good. It's bothersome, but they wash it meticulously every time for cleanliness. Especially these days, you have to be sensitive to cleanliness and hygiene, so don't you only go to those places?

It's hard to go to a massage shop like this. It's been a while since I found a place that I liked. I was so happy. On weekends, I stayed at home, so the atmosphere was heavy and I needed some ventilation, so I had a healing time. It's open all year round and it's open 24 hours, so it'll be nice to visit anytime.

I think I'll visit again because I'm satisfied with the supplies and service for the massage. My mom was satisfied, too. How cool would it be if you went to get it with your tired body after hard work? It's really nice to get this kind of massage after work. For those who feel stiff and suffer from muscle pain due to cramped muscles, I recommend you get a Thai massage on your thumb!

After I received it, I felt refreshed. It's so nice to feel lighter after taking care of your muscles. If you don't untie the clumps and leave them unattended, it can lead to severe muscle pain, so if you feel uncomfortable, it's better to untie them quickly!

For those who suffer from muscle pain, please get a massage and relax like me. This cool feeling will soon disappear, but at that moment, you will be able to feel the old burden washed away. I heard that there are people who have never received a massage, but there is no one who has received it only once, so I'm telling you. I'm accepting it when I think about it, but I'm happy to find a nice place like this.

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