Switzerland for a day, and Paris for a day.
I could have stayed like this.
Travel to Europe / London, England to Montreux, Switzerland!Last month, Bohemian Rhapsody was on TV for New Year's Day.It's been a while since I watched it at home. In fact, I've seen it in theaters, on planes, at home.It's a movie that I've been remaking a few times whenever I'm bored.You've seen it a hundred […]

Travel to Europe / London, England to Montreux, Switzerland!
Last month, Bohemian Rhapsody was on TV for New Year's Day.
It's been a while since I watched it at home.

In fact, I've seen it in theaters, on planes, at home.
It's a movie that I've been remaking a few times whenever I'm bored.
You've seen it a hundred times more than me.
It was a special episode on TV, and it felt really new.

So I was searching through the photo folder, and I found something I haven't uploaded yet.
There's a European plane, and I'm going from London to Montreux, Switzerland.
I'm trying to bring back memories after a long time.

For me and my daughter, who is living in London for a month and is still new to Europe,
Thanks to my brother who planned a trip to Switzerland and France,
About a week. Switzerland for a week. And Paris for a schedule.
I could have stayed like this.

It was the day I stayed at a hotel for about two weeks in London and left.
She was just passing by and around 14 months old.
How many countries do you travel to as soon as you're born?

It's a corona situation, and when you're grown up, friends who traveled to countries at your daughter's age,
I think it's really rare.
I'm looking forward to growing up as a unique kid.
As soon as I woke up in the morning, I was swollen and confused.
The look of where these parents are going to take them today.
Uber-Tago Airport, Shuung.

Montreux is a small city, so we can't fly directly.
I flew from London to Geneva, Switzerland.
I chose to take the train from Geneva to Montreux.
I'll issue a ticket.
Since it's moving in Europe anyway, low-cost airlines will be issued as EasyJet.
It feels smaller and narrower than Korean airlines like T'way and Eastar.

It's like free people without masks before Corona.
It's been a long time since I've been in a crowded airport, and people without masks are unfamiliar…
These days, when I go to the airport, it's hard to see anyone on the plane. We don't have many people.
We're in Europe, and we'll be there any minute.Ah~
An urgent journey. A train ticket to Montreux upon arrival in Geneva.
It's less than an hour to Montreux.

I felt Swiss prices right here…
That short distance is about 40,000 won to 50,000 won, of course, for one person.
Of course it's not a high-speed train like the Shinkansen KTX.The level of Mugunghwa
Later, I took a train from Geneva, Switzerland to Paris, France.
It was my first time riding a train during my trip to Europe, so I was a little excited.

Obviously, the bigger the city of Geneva, the more you run on Montreux,
The background changes, and the green grasslands that I've only seen in cartoons unfold.
Just looking outside the car window was healing.
It's close to Montreux, so we'll be there soon.

London, England, and Montreux, Switzerland, respectively.
They have different charms, so the buildings are similar, but they are all unique.
The Alps, Lake Geneva, with its unique landscape,
Montreux, a resort city visited by many tourists.
Sionseong, which appeared in Byron's poem and became the motif of the Little Mermaid.
And the city that Queen's Freddie Mercury loved.
It's well known.

There's a statue of Freddie Mercury in Marche Square.
You can also meet the Queen Memorial.
The first weekend of September every 200 years was Freddie Mercury's anniversary.
It seems like this is Freddy's heart's home, to the point we've decided.
It's also mentioned in Hemingway's "Bye Weapon."
Deep Purple also visits Montreux for recording.
It is a city loved by celebrities such as Tchaikovsky.

If you come out of the train station, you can face a modern view of the building.
Go down these stairs, or down the hill. (There's an elevator!)
The beautiful scenery of Montreux leading to Marche Square,
There is a road to face.
First, I found a restaurant near the train station to relieve my hunger.
He's a thorough-planning brother, but at least the restaurant,
He likes local restaurants that stand out everywhere.
It's suddenly here! You can choose this restaurant to go in.

It was a small local pizza place, but my brother, a Veggie Terrien, loved it.
You can find vegetarian dishes anywhere in Europe.
I also ordered vegetable pizza and drinks on this day.
It was cheaper than the price of Swiss beyond imagination.
Well, it's 40,000 won, though?

Vegetable pizza served directly from the oven.
I was surprised that it tasted so good, even though it didn't seem to have much toppings.
Drinks are 5,000 won to 7,000 won per bottle.
What's the point of saying Swiss prices?It was.
I can imagine that British prices are very low compared to that.
I didn't have toothpaste at night, so I went to the grocery store to buy
The toothpaste is almost 10,000 won. You're done, aren't you?

Actually, as soon as we got to Montreux Station, we had a fight.It's a waste of precious time.
I lost about an hour. Now I don't remember why I fought.
Maybe they fought over the 여행 way they talked or something.
It was such a delicious pizza that I forgot we had a pizza!
It's a huge pepper bottle.

This pizza is delicious, even to eat this pizza again.
The brother who asks me to go back to Montreux… Yes, yes… once you say it, you're practicing it.
Your personality… Of course I'(?)
Anyway, Montreux was my life destination…
I want to live in Montreux when I grow old and become a grandfather.
I told you, you're done calculating how much you're going to spend.
You want me to be nice to you.
You said your life destination could be my home later on.
It's become a different place.
Let's talk about Montreux. Let's talk about Montreux. ~

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